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We are delighted to announce the inception of the Caltech Center for Comparative Planetary Evolution (3CPE), and we invite all interested members of the Caltech community to participate. The goal of the 3CPE is to merge the fields of astronomy, geology, and biology to explore the origin and evolution of planetary systems and their biospheres. Addressing these questions requires research and insight which crosses traditional discipline boundaries. The 3CPE will be a catalyst for driving collaborations and forming a community spanning these disciplines. We will seed innovative partnerships bridging fields, provide opportunities for young scientists to expand their training into new areas, and help to develop a common culture linking these often well-separated disciplines.

Our biggest goal is to grow a community of people interested in an interdisciplinary approach to the study of comparative planetary evolution that will allow Caltech researchers to scientifically excel in new ways.

Explore more about the 3CPE, see the programs that the Center supports, examine research being undertaken by members of the Center, check out the next events happening within the center, look at potential academic paths for student members of the Center, or read below for the most recent news.

Interested in being involved? Contact any of the executive committee, or send email to cpe (at) gps.caltech.edu


The 2020-2021 Call for Proposal is now open, with an April 30th due date.

Applications are now being accepted for the inaugural class of 3CPE Graduate Fellows, with a April 23rd due date.

planets in space
Credit: Caltech Magazine

The Caltech Magazine has written a beautifully illustrated article on the 3CPE, where you can read about some of our research activities, from understanding the rise of oxygen on Earth, to studying the interiors of the moons of Jupiter, to searching for and understanding habitable worlds beyond our solar system, and more.