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The Caltech Center for Comparative Planetary Evolution is a virtual center which spans the Departments of Planetary Science, Geobiology, Astronomy, Geochemisty, Geophysics, and Geology. Research groups associated with the Center work on projects from understanding the origin of life on Earth, to exploring terrestrial Martian analog geology, to simulating the conditions inside the oceans of Europa, to the searching for Earth-like exoplanets, to understanding the importance flares for habitability of planetary systems around nearby stars.

The Center supports innovative collaborative programs between members, sponsors unique opportunities for postdocs and students, and hosts monthly opportunities for the community to meet and learn about research from other members of the Center.

The Center is directed by an Executive Committee consisting of Mike Brown (Director), Katherine de Kleer, Woody Fischer, Andrew Howard, Heather Knutson, and Victoria Orphan. This committee is responsible for planning the events and activities of the Center; suggestions for Center activities can be directed to anyone on the Committee.

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