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The Caltech Center for Comparative Planetary Evolution engages in multiple programs designed to support the scientific research of members of the Center and develop collaborations between members. The current programs include:

Annual Call for Proposals

We anticipate a yearly call-for-proposals each January to provide funding (at the $50-$75k level) for new innovative collaborative research ideas. These are expected to be one-year awards to seed new collaborations and spark interdisciplinary connections among the members of the Center. Proposals are generally expected to be submitted by Caltech faculty members, but, in limited circumstances and with advance discussion, non-faculty members could be allowed to apply.

Annual Postdoc Retreat

We will host an annual postdoc/senior grad student retreat (with no faculty allowed) to help form scientific and personal bonds for the next generation of researchers.

Student opportunities

We will support opportunities to grow outside of your traditional discipline to allow the chance to be better prepared leaders in this emerging research area. Details of this program are still being developed.

Speakers and visitors

While the Center will not have a formal external seminar series, it will host speakers and visitors to campus by helping to support already existing seminar series.