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Past Events

An Insider's look at Palomar Observatory

In May 2022, Caltech and Eric Schmidt co-hosted an event at Palomar Observatory where we heard from 3CPE researchers, Laurie Leshin, Eric Schmidt, and President Rosenbaum tackling some of humanity's most profound questions: Where do we come from? Are we alone? And how do we find out? Click below to watch the concluding panel of this event where these leaders discuss the future of planetary evolution, education, and industry today.

3CPE Spring Meeting

We were delighted to announce that after a long pause, we were finally able to resume in-person events for the Caltech Center for Comparative Planetary Evolution (3CPE). The Spring meeting occurred on March 17th 2021. We expect meetings to become more regular in the Fall of 2022. Watch here for updates.

Meetings will serve to showcase research from previously funded 3CPE projects, introduce new postdocs who are working in the broad area of comparative planetary evolution, and highlight the work of our first class of 3CPE Graduate Fellows. In addition, we will announce opportunities for the coming year, including a revival of the postdoc retreat, a call for proposals for new research funding, and applications for the next class of 3CPE Graduate Fellows.

3CPE meetings will resume in Fall 2023.

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